With experience to success


A family business in 2nd generation!

Since 1973, we train drivering students so that they drive safely, in a spirit of partnership and environmental awareness. The test results of our students are well above average nationwide and the TÜV examiners praise City Fahrschule Zinke Zinke regularly about the excellent education.

We have carefully obeserved the changing requirements in daily life and understand that driving license acquisition has gained a new status. In the past, just about everyone wanted to have the “paper” right on time for their 18th birthday. Now BF17 has prevailed with a positive balance or the driver’s license is just made much later, when the living conditions demand it. But that also means today: how do I squeeze in the time for the driver’s license?

City Fahrschule Zinke is a small company. With only one driving instructor: Sandrine Heiskel-Engel. And you are in very good hands with her. We cannot and do not offer mass processing. Our credo is personal – individual – successful. Together with you we plan the course and the training and you will be very satisfied.