Safety and Technology


Since November 2017 we offer automatic driving lessons on the latest e-Golf. We are totally up to date – and the only driving school in the Hochtaunuskreis with e-mobility!

Anyone who has not driven for a long time and needs refresher lessons is as welcome as beginners who first want to gain safety on the road before they switch to a car with gears (VW Touran 2016).

Regardless of whether it’s a gear change or e-automatic car: the vehicles comply with the latest standards. On request, existing electronic helpers are explained and applied. Also pointed out are the pitfalls and weaknesses of the systems!

Until the exam, you’ll get as much training as you need to park yourself confidently, drive up hills, and merge onto the autobah, just to name a few examples.

Do you have any wishes? We listen to you and create your training plan together.