Fast – Planable – Structured

14 topics in 7 days!

Totally new!
Everyone chooses his/her tarif – individually, professionally, just for you! We will not press any prices on you, because you choose! The needs and demands of everybody are different. We have taken that into account: are you in a hurry? Book FAST LANE. You learn rather slowly? Book SOFT. You often need to park and drive in shopping centers? Book GILRS ONLY (also for “Boys”) etc.

We help you with the necessary forms and plan your driving lessons, theory lessons and exams – together with you! As far as possible, we fulfill your wishes.

Due to better planning the theory lessons take place within 7 days. You no longer have to give up your hobbies for weeks to complete all the lessons. 7 days and you have done this part!

We start our driving lessons after complete submission of the driving license application. Theory and practice are always interlinked. And yes, there is also “homework” that will guarantee you quick progress and great success in the next lesson.